Sales Flyers

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Project Create printed sell sheets to use when prospecting and pitching to large retailers.
Goals Introduce the Soul Flower brand and outline product lines. Communicate unique selling points as a vendor. Entice buyers to call and have a conversation about their store needs.
Tools InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, XD

landing page and flyer The final sales sheet and landing page


I designed the layout for the flyers to be easily scannable by busy retail buyers. I prioritized using on-brand photos of Soul Flower products to convey the brand vibe and allow the products to shine.

flyer with icons Flyer that introduces product categories


I drew custom vector icons to visually represent the four highlighted selling points. I offset the color in the icons to reflect the handmade nature of Soul Flower screenprinted products.

custom vector icons


Because sales sheets have mere seconds of consideration, I knew the text needed to be concise. Part of my research for this project included taking a highly-specific course on LinkedIn Learning on how to Design a High-Impact Sell Sheet. From there, I crafted a succinct value proposition statement and wrote complementary copy.

two sell sheets The final flyers: one for Gifts, one for Apparel

Branding the Pitch

Flyers will be sent to prospective buyers via a pitch package. I created a folder that holds one of the two flyers chosen for the recipient, along with a product catalog and samples like stickers, magnets, and embroidered patches.

I designed the outside of the folder to use Soul Flower’s simple core branding, but the inside has a fun surprise. I created a collage of miniature versions of Soul Flower stickers for the flaps, which shows off a variety of bestselling designs in a small space.

folder and flyer The pitch package

sticker art collage


To round out the pitch experience, I re-designed the wholesale homepage to be a simple landing page accessible via the flyer’s QR code and url. I repeated similar imagery on the webpage, with additional details about Soul Flower’s abilities as a vendor as well as a link to get started.

landing webpage design Landing page