Retail Displays

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Project Get Soul Flower products ready to be sold in retail settings with merchandising plans, packaging, and displays.
Goals Design packaging that is eye-catching, informative, and represents the brand. Create displays that meet store owners’ needs and inspire customers to buy.
Tools Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

Convenience Store Displays

In 2020, we worked with convenience store retailer Kum & Go to offer Soul Flower products in over 280 locations across the USA. To plan product layouts, I created to-scale mockups of the shelf plan. I exported planograms as required by Kum & Go, to aid staff in stocking the displays.

We completed several display variations over a 6-month span. Soul Flower received Kum & Go’s Supplier Partner Award for Innovator of the Year in 2020.

retail planograms Laying out Soul Flower products in the shelf space allotted

wing display Wing display layout

store display Laying out products on shelf space shared with other vendors


Kum & Go required that all products have barcodes for easy scanning. Soul Flower had not implemented barcodes or UPCs and had not developed retail-ready packaging for products. After researching barcode best practices, I designed branded tags and packaging. I documented size guidelines and best practices to ensure our barcodes print and scan properly.

sticker upc Branding and UPC layout on clever "packaging" I designed for stickers

coozie card I designed a simple card to brand and hang coozie drink holders

Branding Everything

My approach to Soul Flower packaging was to keep it simple and let the colorful products shine. I designed all tags and packages to be brand green + the natural paper color. Each features an eco icon, and fun art when possible.

packaging Similar look & feel of packaging across product types

headband tags Informational tags I designed for headbands

Retail Displays

After making products retail-ready for the Kum & Go displays, we started designing a retail displays program for Soul Flower wholesale customers.

I researched display types and manufacturers, illustrated prototypes, and designed branded signage that coordinates with the white + green product packaging. I also created a spreadsheet calculator to help us determine pricing. I used sales data to choose the bestselling designs to feature in each display bundle, created mockups to lay out product fit, and exported planograms for customers to reference when setting up their display.

retail shop

Launch Marketing

I designed marketing materials to launch Retail Displays to wholesale customers, and incorporated information about displays throughout the wholesale catalog.

Some of the displays spin, so I created animated gifs from photos to show the movement. Gifs are shown on product info pages.

displays catalog spread Catalog spread about displays

displays catalog feature Display options featured next to the product

spinning display with gift products tiered display with greeting cards