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Digital Illustrations

Drawn by hand in Procreate on iPad. I typically use Procreate for initial sketching and build the layers up from there. I love having countless textures and colors at my fingertips!

pisces cat Pisces Cat, commissioned art

witch Witch, created for Drawlloween Instagram art challenge

pukwudgie Pukwudgie, created for Drawlloween Instagram art challenge

neon yoga Electric Yogi, commissioned art

colorful shapes Untitled doodles drawn in Procreate

Hand Lettering

I like to mix drawn letters with illustrations, especially to create art with a quote.

water yourself first Water Yourself First, personal work

food lettering Drawn as part of the lettering 100 Day Challenge I completed in 2015.

why walk when you can dance Why Walk When You Can Dance, commissioned art

make magic Make Magic, inspired by the act of creation itself


These patterns feature hand drawn illustrations that I drew on paper, scanned, and laid out into repeat pattern prints destined for fabric.

drawn patterns Fabrics featuring prints I made from illustrated motifs

alebrije creatures pattern Alebrijes, inspired by Mexican folk art sculptures


Portraits drawn from photos shared by users on the Sktchy/Museum app. When looking for inspiration there, I'm especially drawn to interesting outfits, complex backgrounds, and table scenes.

sktchy girls Portraits drawn with ink and markers on paper

daisy girl A portrait drawn digitally in Procreate

portraits Scene portraits drawn digitally in Procreate