Moon Poster

Illustration ▪ Layout ▪ Research

Project Poster design depicting monthly moon phases and symbolism.
Goals Create concept art for a new product line of posters. Design should be visually interesting and have educational content.
Tools Illustrator, Photoshop


I designed this poster to be 18 x 24 inches using a layout that looks like mandala art from far away, and educational details best appreciated up close.

moon poster The final poster design


I researched moon symbolism and full moon calendar names, and brushed up on the movement of Luna around Earth. I sketched out all my ideas on paper before creating the final vector design.

moon poster sketches Original sketches


traditional full moon names The outer rings are a circular calendar of traditional moon names throughout the year. The Celtic calendar doesn't align exactly with the beginning and end of months, so I offset it from the month names. Solstices and Equinoxes are also shown along the timeline.

full moon The darker center ring of the chart shows the phases that the moon transitions through in one month. The subtle chevrons show the order they cycle through.

moon phases The very center of the diagram shows the earth and a top-down view of the sun hitting the moon: it demonstrates how each moon phase is lit, and how the moon's appearance changes due to its position around the earth.

face of the moon I added a few more practical moon facts around the poster. The colors on the months represent the four seasons.

moon phase symbolism The bottom line-up of moon phases reflects moon cycle symbolism: New Moon is for planting seeds, and Full Moon is a time to blossom.

framed poster