Product Catalog

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Project A print catalog showing all Soul Flower products available for wholesale purchasing.
Goals Show every product (over 600 SKUs) and stay relevant for a full calendar year. Give wholesale customers the information they need to place an order. Introduce the brand to prospective buyers.
Tools InDesign, Photoshop, Procreate

two catalogs in one Front and back of paper catalog


This catalog is the 30th catalog I’ve designed for Soul Flower, and the biggest one in their history. It required many different pieces to come together to succeed, and nearly every employee was involved in some way.

long sleeves spread


I planned a 6-month schedule to ensure we would have the product selection, packaging, and information needed to create a strong catalog and meet the hard print deadline. Finishing these processes in order allowed us to make ongoing progress, which helped avoid oversights.

catalog schedule Schedule plan in Miro app


Different product types require different pieces of information, so I couldn’t use a one-size-fits-all template throughout the catalog. Instead, I kept each spread’s layout flexible and used type styles and pastel colors to add consistency across pages.

To encourage interaction, I added QR scan codes to each section. Scanning the code allows the reader to view more product information, additional photos, and even place an order.

gifts layout Unique layout for each page spread

basics spread QR codes encourage interaction


To organize the large product line, I separated Gifts into a distinct section and created a “two-for-one” print format. Clothing starts from the front cover and Gifts start from the back cover, which rotates the content 180 degrees part-way through.

Some customers only buy one product segment, so this format helps them quickly jump to what they need.

double catalog Catalog formatted to be two catalogs in one

Photo Selection

I utilized as many existing model photos as possible, to save time on photoshoots and editing.

For the new photos needed, I created a mockup of the page layout in advance to aid the planning of photoshoot outfits and models. I updated the in-progress catalog layout after every photoshoot so we could make sure the new shots worked with existing photos.

apparel layout Pages mix existing model photos with new ones

model photos Photos curated to best show off the product

Cover Illustration

Two catalogs ago, I switched the cover style from a model-only photo to a model + illustrated artwork. We received positive feedback from customers about the fun covers, so I kept the hand-drawn style for this catalog.

I drew the flower mandala background by hand in Procreate for iPad. The illustration fits the style of Soul Flower goods, so the cover is an effective sneak peek of what’s inside.

illustrated covers Three seasons in a row of illustrated covers

catalogs stack View full catalog layout