Branded Iconography

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Project Icon system that represents the eco-friendly features of Soul Flower products at a glance.
Goals Draw attention to eco-friendly qualities of products. Assign each item one or more icons to tell its story. Educate shoppers about sustainability features of each item.
Tools Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop


First, we defined about a dozen eco-friendly features common in Soul Flower products. I then picked an icon to represent each feature, using and modifying stock illustrations.

I have modified the set several times in the decade since launch, creating new vector icons as needed to accommodate changes in products over time. I’ve applied these eco icons across web, print, and garment tags.

all eco icons The eco icons

signage Signage that features the eco icons

garment tag Made in the USA icon on a garment tag


We display eco icons on product pages so shoppers can learn more about each eco-friendly feature while browsing. Icons are also available as filters on search results, making it easy to narrow results by ethical values.

eco icons on web Icons displayed throughout the shopping website

Brand Adoption

Soul Flower Eco Icons represent company values and have become the core of telling the brand story. I have centered the icons in the design of branded posters, flyers, and catalogs. We also featured them in tradeshow booth signage.

eco guide in catalog Icons used in a catalog's fabric guide

tradeshow signage


We regularly feature eco icons in marketing materials and emails for retail and wholesale customers. For Earth Month marketing in 2021, I incorporated the icons into the look & feel of the graphics.

earth month Marketing graphics for the month around Earth Day