Graphic Design

Eco Printables

These educational printables were also translated to blog posts and social media graphics. I did the research, writing, illustrations, and layout. The PDF printables are available for Soul Flower wholesale customers to download. Blog posts: Scary Facts about Fast Fashion, Hemp Clothing Benefits, Why Choose Recycled Polyester, Why Organic Cotton is Better, Tips to Green Up Your Laundry.

Soul Flower Wholesale Fall/Winter 2018 Catalog

I did the layout for this catalog, which mostly followed the template of past catalogs. I made tweaks based on feedback from customers to make the info easier to digest and use.

Soul Flower Logo & Brand Refresh

In late 2016, we refreshed the Soul Flower logo and branding in house. The goal was to refresh the old "flower drawing" logo and make something symmetrical and modern, but still keep it recognizable. Working with a team, I designed the logo, drew the wordmark, and created all the initial newly-branded printed items. History and my thoughts on the logo >>