Creative Direction


Defined the creative direction, led the visuals, and guided another designer to create a cohesive and creative new-age-inspired marketing lookbook.


  • Creative Direction
  • Mentorship
  • Digital Collage


Soul Flower is an eco-friendly apparel brand and online boutique. At the time of this project, our in-house team was creating several lookbooks each year to market new products and express the brand.

rainbow headbands

After creating surface designs for the apparel collection, I saw the opportunity to create the next lookbook on-theme with the line’s inspiration from chakras, yoga, and finding connection. My concept: “Very moody, celestial, and a bit new-agey and mysterious.”

I started the project by gathering imagery to create a visual moodboard that reflected my vision. I knew that vision boards consistently helped with buy-in from stakeholders and with keeping the team on track. I defined the look & feel via words and visuals in order to aid our junior designer, who would be assisting with the graphics.


We worked as a team to concept the photoshoot, choosing models and styling that would support the theme. I gathered references for photography styles and shots the photoshoot team could try to capture. I facilitated discussions about how the visuals would all work together.

From my notes: “Keep in mind that we’re going for a collagey and overlaid graphics/layering look, so photos should lend themselves to these blends and artsy pages (close-ups, diagonal shots, textures, lighting, etc).”

additional moodboards

The junior designer and I split the work of creating the pages, so that she could gain experience making lookbook graphics. She and I both worked from my moodboard, using it as a reference to achieve a single vision. I guided her throughout the process by giving feedback and tips to improve her typography, composition, and editing techniques.

all pages

After the lookbook was complete, I made several additional marketing graphics for online and print. I used the same basic collage style, with fewer filters and less photo manipulation so that they would display products accurately while still looking like part of a cohesive campaign.

web graphics

This lookbook project was a creative piece of marketing, as well as a fun opportunity to guide the team in bringing my vision to life. Clearly defining the concept in the beginning generated excitement amongst team members, while also guiding the junior designer to produce cohesive creative work.

my pages