Product Catalog


Coordinated creative assets in a print layout to produce a 64-page product catalog that was used as an essential sales and marketing tool for half the year.


  • Project Management
  • Print Design
  • Marketing

catalog spread

Soul Flower publishes two catalogs each year, and they are the keystone marketing pieces for the brand’s business-to-business division. Catalogs are seen in print and online, and are used by staff, outside sales reps, and current and potential wholesale customers.

Our goals for all catalogs were educating customers about the current Soul Flower line of eco-friendly clothing and gifts, promoting sales, and boosting brand recognition.

front cover

Customers and staff appreciate consistency from catalog to catalog, so my mission for the spring/summer 2020 catalog was to keep the layout as reliable and user-friendly as possible, incorporating feedback while keeping information clear and visually compelling.


It’s important for each catalog to include the entire line of product offerings, have accurate information, and stay relevant for the full 6 months until the next catalog is published. I kept the format simple and straightforward, with classic photography choices that clearly display product and won’t feel too out of season in a few months.


After designing the general layout, I chose model and product photography that fit each spread best and was consistent throughout. We approved photos together as a team, and then our production artist edited and retouched each photo to get it ready for print.

I submitted requests for new photography, presenting inspiration and reference shots as necessary to relay my vision. Our photographer created the images and I gave feedback after testing them in the layout. Together, we discussed style requirements and shot lists for upcoming model photoshoots.


Pulling together a 64-page print catalog featuring hundreds of items is a team effort. My primary role was print layout, but I also managed due dates for various assets in order to keep our layout schedule on track. Because half of our team was remote, I kept everyone up-to-date on the status of the project by posting notes and layout versions in our project management system.

The twice-a-year catalog project has become an essential catalyst that inspires the rest of the season’s marketing. Completing a strong print catalog with high-quality imagery and information ensures that we work from a strong pillar of Soul Flower branding and that we showcase the line of products for successful sales.

back cover