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My Yearbooks

Since I only ever take digital photos these days, my pictures rarely get printed. Even if I did order prints, where do you put them? Who wants all that paper clutter? I don't really care if I have photos displayed in my home. And I don't super miss photo albums... [Read More]

Handmade Fabric Autumn Banner

I love fall, but I don't have a ton of autumn- or Halloween-themed home decor. To keep my holiday decorating contained and manageable, I usually create a little "altar" of decorations. For autumn it's candles and pumpkins. For Christmas it's our little tree with lights. This year I decided to... [Read More]

7 Goals for my 2017 Art Practice

Every year I make resolutions but they suck. And I usually try to make too many changes at once, in every single area of my life at the same time. Same old story. I'm over resolutions. That said, I still like the idea of New Years... [Read More]

Non-Artsy Ways to Feel Creative

Sometimes when you're feeling creatively stuck, you're trying to work on your art but keep procrastinating or lack motivation, and doing something similar but different can help get those creative juices flowing. Or not. But as an artist, you feel more fulfilled and successful at life in general when you... [Read More]

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