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35 Days of Vibey Collages

The [100 Day Project] started April 3, 2018. The idea is to pick a creative activity and do it every day (or 100 times) between April 3 and July 11. This year I'm doing [#100daysofvibeycollages] and I'm really enjoying it. I've participated in the 100 Day Project in the past,... [Read More]

Make Magic

>The movements of our hands help build the Unseen. Hafiz *[Make Magic]* is an illustration I drew recently. The idea actually came to me while working on designs for Soul Flower. But as soon as the sketch started taking form, I quickly realized that it... [Read More]

100 Days of Drawing the Internet

The 100 Day Project is hosted by [The Great Discontent]. The official project dates this year were from April 19 - July 24. The idea is to choose a theme and then create 1 thing per day based on your topic. I wanted to choose something all-encompassing that gave me... [Read More]


In July, I took an online course called Inspirit. Initially I chose this class because I love the idea of drawing inspiration from yourself. Letting YOU inspire your art, instead of always trying to find inspiration elsewhere. Creating art is about trusting yourself, getting in tune with your... [Read More]

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