35 Days of Vibey Collages

The 100 Day Project started April 3, 2018. The idea is to pick a creative activity and do it every day (or 100 times) between April 3 and July 11.

This year I’m doing #100daysofvibeycollages and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve participated in the 100 Day Project in the past, but this one is my favorite so far! The term “vibey” is a word I kind of hate but we use it a lot at work to describe graphics and photos (“make it vibey!”) and I keep seeing others use it more and more. My goal with this theme is to make moody/ethereal/magical/surreal digital collages.

I love using moons, outer space elements, rainbows, and clustering together stock photos of flowers and crystals. Symmetry is my favorite, and the ones that aren’t symmetrical are always a challenge. Recently I started incorporating quotes and words, and I’ve been loving that, too.

These collages are really satisfying for me to make. I think it’s because I can transform the individual pieces into something new and cooler. I’ve been using mostly free stock photos from Pixabay to make these. Here’s a peek at the process:

Let’s look at Day 14’s components:

Here’s the original photo of the women.

The mountains in the background was its own photo.

The mandala in the background is actually a stained glass cathedral window.

And those flower clusters are made up of smaller flower cutouts that I arranged together.

I combined everything with various blending modes and adjustment layers to change colors, brightness, etc. Some collages are simpler than others; it all depends on my mood or how in the groove I can get while working in Photoshop.

My past 100 day projects:

2015 #100daysofletteringbyleiah (finished!)

2016 #100daysofdrawingtheinternet (didn’t quite make it to the end)

2017 #100daysofcoloringpages (didn’t finish)

2018 #100daysofvibeycollages (can’t promise I’ll finish this year but so far it looks promising)

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