7 Goals for my 2017 Art Practice

Every year I make resolutions but they suck. And I usually try to make too many changes at once, in every single area of my life at the same time. Same old story.

I’m over resolutions.

That said, I still like the idea of New Years and starting fresh. “Resolutions” but in a different way… I like the One Little Word concept, or the idea of coming up with a “theme” for the year rather than specific goals. Or creating a moodboard of how you want to feel this year.

Maybe I’ll do some of those, too. I always like a good moodboard.

A big part of the changes I want to cultivate in this new year have to do with my art practice and creativity. I want need to make it better. And I foresee more art equalling more happiness for me. At least right now in this season of my life.

So in 2017, I think I can do these:

Embrace my weird

Embracing everything that I inherently love, even if it’s embarrassing or cliche. Drawing from my love of 90s movies, incorporating whatever esoteric kick I’m on right now, art journaling weirdo imaginary characters…

Feed the beast

Throw a glance to my artistic diet. Not a complete overhaul, just thinking more about what I’m putting into my inspiration. What am I consuming that can feed my art practice? Should my inputs be more varied? What sources of inspiration am I binging on that aren’t serving me?

Make a damn mess

Explore mixed media. I’ve got the supplies and I know I enjoy creating with all those tools. Plus it’s different than my typical (9-to-5) work projects.

Change my mind

Whatever the hell I feel like drawing, do it. If I feel like abandoning my art journal or starting a new drawing challenge, whatevs. I always place too many restrictions on my art and end up hating the process. I’m gonna try to go with the flow of whatever exciting new thing is capturing my interest right now. Life’s too damn short.

Share it

I have this romanticized vision of working secretly in my cave, all alone, til I’ve created this amazing collection of work. Then I unleash it upon the world and everyone is dazzled. I’ve even heard the blogging advice of “don’t start a blog until you have a dozen [insert number here] posts already written and ready to publish”. But it doesn’t work like that for me. I get bored and I can’t stick with it. However regrettably, I thrive on finishing something and putting it out there. Maybe because I’m a Leo and they say Leos always want to be the center of attention. I guess I kinda do it for the Likes, and the recognition. (Admitting this makes me cringe.) But whatever. If that little hit of dopamine keeps me making art, I’ll take it. Publish.

Simplify life shit

So that I can clear more space in my head and my environment to fill with art. Quit saying yes to other projects and ideas. Purge physical clutter and things that are no longer serving me. Buy less. Try to keep my apartment clean. Clear out my desk drawer often so I don’t have to live with old, useless shit. Embrace my core self and quit feeling bad about eating supper in front of the tv, or wanting to sleep in, skipping a workout, or being a hermit. It’s all good.

Lighten up

Don’t take art so seriously. Play. Draw like a child (forever). Make ugly stuff and share it (yes, share the ugly!), do whatever, and worry less about how I’m “supposed” to draw, or how I “should” make art.

Whaddya think, friends? Does your art practice need a hit of freshness? What’s your biggest annoyance in your (daily/weekly/rare) creative life?

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