Moodboard Monday: Scandinavian & City Christmas

For Christmas this year, I made two holiday moodboards:

Scandinavian Christmas was inspired by the red and white Scandinavian decorations and motifs I originally saw at IKEA a couple months ago. I’ve been really drawn to the all-white minimal snowy landscapes, the pops of red, and the hygge-inspiring indoor cabin scenes. Lots of raw wood and natural elements, decorative icing on cookies, traditional folk art, and cozy, intricate knit.

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Christmas in the City was inspired by our recent Christmases living in Washington, DC. This city life during the holidays is almost the exact opposite of what I grew up with. But I still find the charm in it. This vibe reminds me of classic Christmas movies like Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Miracle on 34th Street, and Jingle All the Way. It’s the Rockefeller Center ice rink in New York City, the twinkling lights strung across city streets mixed with red and green traffic lights and car tail lights, the snow-lined sidewalks, the ducking out of the cold in to a cozy coffee shop… window shopping at department stores, and stolen quiet moments downtown when the snow is falling hard and most everyone else has stayed home.

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Like I shared in my first moodboard post, I like to make seasonal screensavers for myself. I collect images on pinterest and from the web into a folder on my computer, which I then use as source for a slideshow screensaver. They shuffle like an ever-changing moodboard on my computer. It helps put me in the holiday spirit!

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