In July, I took an online course called Inspirit. Initially I chose this class because I love the idea of drawing inspiration from yourself. Letting YOU inspire your art, instead of always trying to find inspiration elsewhere. Creating art is about trusting yourself, getting in tune with your intuition, and letting yourself just play.

While working through the course, I created two artworks. Both are inspired by myself.

This one was inspired directly from the visualization exercise that was in one of the course lessons. I don’t remember the exact prompts of the meditation, but I distinctly remember where it took me. A park I used to play in as a kid… that feeling of serenity and being in touch with the trees, the sky, the grass…

You know the sensation of tilting your face to the sun, closing your eyes, and your senses are overwhelmed by warmth and bright light? When you can see the orangey yellow behind your eyelids? That’s this :)

I used only art supplies I had handy: sketchbook paper; acrylic, watercolor, and gouache paints; pens.

This second piece is a collage with a photo of myself. Inspired by this quote:

“The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.”
― Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

I took a photo with my self-timer, and printed it off on my black&white printer.

I surprised myself with this piece! It turned out better than I ever imagined. Almost as if I stumbled across one of those hidden jewels… :)

I enjoyed this quick online course as a way to get back into mixed media. I struggle with making time for creating good old-fashioned art, and it’s even harder if I feel like I’m “doing it for nothing.” Having assignments in this class gave me a box to work within, which makes me feel more creative.

Intuitive art and drawing inspiration from my self and my inner world are ideas I’m interested in exploring further. It gives me great comfort to know that creating magical artwork doesn’t have to be hard: all I have to do is search within!

Not an affiliate link; just wanted to show off Jo Klima's beautiful arwork for the class :)

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