Why I'm starting over with my blog

Before blogging on & off at my blog RubyBows, I “blogged” at LiveJournal and other online diaries and sites probably as far back as 1999. Ever since we got the internet at home. Most of my old writings no longer exist, and that’s OK. Sometimes letting go of your old self is a good thing.

I’m starting over now because I feel like a new person. Reading posts from 7 years ago makes me cringe. When building up this new site, Creatively Operating, I migrated all my old posts over from Blogger. Then I looked through them. Unimpressed at most of them, and embarrassed by a few. “It just doesn’t sound like ME,” I thought.

(image source unknown)

People start over all the time. Especially online. That’s the beauty of your virtual self: at any time you can shift and morph into something new. Something different. Or remove yourself altogether and just lurk. It’s like each of us “owns” a little section of the internet. It’s wherever we write, share pictures, blog, and share whatever we want.

I’m starting over with my blog because my old home online felt like a place I no longer wanted to be. Filled with past me; evidence of my past self that no longer serves my future vision. I want to try something new.

I’m sure ya’ll get it! Sometimes we just need to hit refresh.


Why I'm starting over with my blog ⇒ Creatively Operating, leiahmjansen.com, @oleiah

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