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I’m Leiah M Jansen, an artist and graphic designer. Currently, I work from home doing illustration and graphic design for online eco-friendly apparel company Soul Flower. I live, travel, and conspire with my computer scientist husband Rob. Right now we’re based in Washington, DC but have plans to retire early to some bike-friendly city with lots of vegan restaurants and rain.

While it’s sometimes difficult for me to believe it, I am an artist at heart. I know this because I’ve been drawing, doodling, collecting, collaging, taking photos, and journaling for as long as I can remember, and it’s always in the back of my mind. For the last several years I’ve been doing more graphic design, which I enjoy but doesn’t spark my soul like creating for myself does. One of my goals is to mix a little more magic and intuition into my daily life and personal art practice.

Creatively Operating is my home base online. My intention is to document how I’m bettering myself and growing as an artist and creative human. Here I’ll share my work and my process, along with thoughts on curious & intentional living, finding soul and meaning in my art, and writing reminders to myself about the daily practices that keep it all flowing.

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My Art

Leiah Jansen wants to live in a world where mornings are cheery, graphic design is a party, and excitement buzzes daily like a Monday morning coffee shop. As an artist at Soul Flower, her screenprinted garment designs have been sold at ModCloth, FreePeople, San Diego Zoo, and in hundreds of small local retail shops across the US. When she’s not drawing new illustrations on cheap printer paper or pushing pixels in Photoshop, you can find her exploring Washington DC, devouring movies and homemade vegan dishes, or staring wide-eyed while rummaging around the vast universe that is the Internet.

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